At International Tax Solutions, we exclusively focus on US tax services that enable our clients to operate in the United States. Our clients range from large Canadian multinational firms with operations in the United States to start-ups in Silicon Valley. Our primary focus is listening to our clients’ needs, and making their issues our own.  We build relationships based on the exceptional service we provide our clients, exceeding the expectations of large global companies with cross-border operations, and small start-ups alike. It is our view that you do not have to spend exorbitant amounts on fees to receive stellar service.  We work hard to bring you first-class service at competitive rates.


Customized solutions

  • Focused on your needs & priorities to present a solution
  • Flexible, customizable service scope

Tax efficiencies

  • Reduce spending (long-term) in your tax function / department
  • Comprehensive tax advice to minimize taxes
  • Improve your tax and compliance processes


  • Specialization in corporate income taxation
  • Up to date with tax laws and regulations
  • Experience in tax planning, handling major transactions

Service quality

  • Knowledgeable & experienced team players 
  • Personalized service, detail-oriented, transparent processes
  • On time, on budget